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I.      VISION
Being an independent agency business incubators, innovative and professional and a pioneer in the development of entrepreneurship for entrepreneurs in the cooperatives, micro, small, and medium enterprises.


1.    Increasing the quantity and quality of organization and human resources in the field of cooperative businesses, micro, small and medium enterprises to become strong national economic strength.

2.    Creating entrepreneurs among students and the community with a reliable operating capability.

3.    Developing business in the field of cooperatives, micro, small and medium enterprises to produce products and services that can be used optimally for the benefit of members and the community.

4.    Establishing partnerships with agencies that have concerns and floating human resources


1.   Creating a powerful new entrepreneurs, professionals and independent in running and developing a business.

2.   Improving the quality of human resources UMKMK

3.   Improving access to markets, financial institutions, technology and information, as well as government agencies.

4.   Creating a network of cooperation amongst UMKMK businesses that have become tenants as well as with other agencies.



1.    Businesses (Individual and Group);

2.    New entrepreneurs

3.    Business enterprises (MSMEs, private company);

4.    Government agencies (national and regional);

5.    Institution

6.    Consultant or Extension Worker of MSME’s

7.    Universities;

8.    Employee towards retirement;
Other agencies or institutions that have an interest in the development of entrepreneurship,
micro & small businesses, medium enterprises and cooperatives

9.    Communities and individuals that have the potential of entrepreneurship (Recipient Partnership, Farmers, Fishermen, Community Forests and Industry, Students, etc..)

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Services of Ikopin Business Incubator Centre are :

1.       Business incubator program

2.       Training entrepreneurship and business management

3.       Training and development efforts in the field of cooperativesmicro, small and medium enterprises

4.        Strategic planning

5.        Business plan preparation and tutorial

6.       Financial business meeting

7.       Facilitating for patrtnership

8.       Entrepreneurship training for employeestoward retirement

9.        Community Development (Community Development to the Special Communities)

10.    Technical

11.    Exhibition of products

12.     Socio-Economic Research

13.    Assistancy and advocacy to businesses in the field of cooperatives, micro, small and medium enterprises.


1.    Dynamic

2.     Synergy

3.    Transparency

4.    Accountability

5.    Professional

6.    Flexibility




A. Co-operationwith institution abrod, such as :

1.    Friedrich Naumann Stiftung (FNSt).

2.    CEFE International, German dan Technonet Asia, Singapura.

3.    Protoplan Foundation Belanda

4.    Private Sector Advisory Council (PSAC-UNDP)

5.    ACDI/VOCA (Agricultural Cooperative Development International/ Volunteers in Overseas Cooperative Assistance) – SME’s Consultant.  

6.    Netherlands Management Cooperation Program

7.    Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)


B. Co-operationwith Domestic Institution, consist of :

1.    State Institutions

2.    State Enterprises

3.    Private Enterprises

4.    Financial Boards

5.    Association Institutions



Ikopin Business Incubator Centre has facilities for conducting its activities as follows:

1.    Office

2.    TrainingRooms                              

3.    Inwall/ Workshop for Textile Printing

4.    Joint Office

5.    Cyber Access

6.    Dormitory                                                                  

7.    Business Consultancy Room